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Welcome to Class One!

Class 1 includes children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. In Class 1 there are two Teachers; Mrs Tanser and Mrs Eyton-Jones.

Although Reception is included in Class 1 they are taught separately a vast majority of the time. Reception and Years 1 & 2 have their individual well resourced classrooms that provide rich learning environments. Reception also have a large outdoor area.

The outdoor area includes a mud kitchen, large sandpit, investigation area with bark and mini-beasts, gardening space, a tool bench with tools and water play. We always provide ample opportunity outside for children to develop their literacy, physical and mathematical skills. 


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Reception on the Farm - posted 24th Feb

This week's animal Allsorts topic is Farm animals.  The children are having an amazing time milking the cows, collecting eggs and then using the eggs (plastic) to make cakes. They have used books to write about their favourite animals and have used their phonics skills to match pictures of farm animals with words. They even had the opportunity to play with a farmyard with real cereal crops.

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Welly Throwing! - posted 20th Oct

As part of their Autumn topic the children have been using their wellies to learn.  They had a welly throwing competition to improve their motor skills and coordination, and practiced their letter formation by writing their name in chalk on the playground.

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Lets Go fly a Kite! - posted 8th Oct

As part of their topic relating to the weather,  the children in Reception made kites. They have tested them and, as soon as it is windy enough, they will have their maiden flight. All the children had a fantastic time and they learnt about the wind and how to make their kits fly.

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