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Class 3 includes children in Years 5 and 6. The Class 3 Teacher is Miss King and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Wood

Being in Class 3 brings extra responsibility and the children lead by example providing excellent role models for the younger children in the school. As the oldest students at The Bramptons, the opportunity arises to take up various roles as leaders. The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of the School Council are chosen from Class 3. We also have Sports Leaders who help organise lunchtime games and report on sports events.


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Health & Hygiene in Medieval Times - posted 1st Mar

To help the children in Class 3 explore their topic Fever, Fire and Fashion in more detail they have been making a range of facial scrubs, different types of soaps and some medicines and potions. They have also been making pomanders and beak masks which were used to cover up the terrible smells that permeated London in Medieval times. 

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Greek Day - posted 29th Nov

Today the children had a fantastic day living in Ancient Greece. They all looked great in their costumes and had fun participating in lots of activities including tile painting, pot making, soap sculpting, making charm bracelets, making medicine pouches and creating fresco tile. In the afternoon they celebrated winning the war against the Persians where they performed plays and were served a Greek feast by Grecian slaves.

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Natural Disasters - posted 5th Jul

Class 3's topic for the Summer Term is Natural Disasters. The children built flood resistance houses using a variety of materials and then tested them with varying degrees of success. 

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Mummifying FIsh - posted 24th Apr

As part of their topic on Ancient Egypt the children have been learning about mummification. They have studied the process by mummifying sardines. Firstly, they scooped out the insides of the sardines and then packed them into tubs of salt. Last week the children renewed the salt in the tubs to allow the drying process to continue. Shortly, the sardines will be removed from the salt and wrapped in bandages before going to their final resting place.

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