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Class 3 includes children in Years 5 and 6. The Class 3 Teacher is Miss King.

Being in Class 3 brings extra responsibility and the children lead by example providing excellent role models for the younger children in the school. As the oldest students at The Bramptons, the opportunity arises to take up various roles as leaders. The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of the School Council are chosen from Class 3. We also have Sports Leaders who help organise lunchtime games and report on sports events.



Mummifying Fish - posted 17th Mar

The current topic for Class 3 is Ancient Egypt. Today, to enhance their experience, they have been mummifying fish. They started by gutting them and removing the internal organs. They then cleaned the fish out and packed them with salt. The fish were then wrapped in strips of fabric with amulets placed within each of the four layers of fabric they used. The final part of the process was to add a death mask. They will now be placed in a sarcophagus before going to their final resting place. 

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Science Olympics - posted 25th Jun

Today four children from Class 3 went to Pitsford School to participate in the Science Olympics 2019. They took part in many activities and challenges including making slime, seeing who could blow the biggest bubble, flame colour experiments and an egg drop competition. The final event was the Rocket Challenge. The children had to make a rocket from a plastic bottle with the aim of launching it and making it travel as far as possible. Their rocket travelled an amazing 62 metres which was a Science Olympics record. No only did they come first our of eight schools, staff at the host school gave them and extra point for their beautiful manners. They were a real credit to the school and we are extremely proud of them. Well done to them all.

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Health & Hygiene in Medieval Times - posted 1st Mar

To help the children in Class 3 explore their topic Fever, Fire and Fashion in more detail they have been making a range of facial scrubs, different types of soaps and some medicines and potions. They have also been making pomanders and beak masks which were used to cover up the terrible smells that permeated London in Medieval times. 

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