School Trips & Visits

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Class 1 Trip to Foxton Locks - posted 4th Jun

On 24th May 2019 the children in Class 1 went to Foxton Locks. When they arrived they visited the museum and participated in lots of place based activities. They walked up and down the towpath and saw how the locks and the canal lift work. The children also learnt about the lives of canal dwellers in times gone by and thoroughly enjoyed a boat trip down the canal. The weather stayed fine and the children had a lovely day as well as learning a lot about canal life today and in the past.

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Lost Jungle Adventure Golf - Class 3 - posted 24th May

While their classroom was being used as a Polling Station Class 3 enjoyed an amazing trip to Lost Jungle Adventure Golf. They completed a 36 hole golf adventure passing by Aztec Temples, hidden tombs, crashing waterfalls and lots more. They weather was just lovely and everyone had a great day.

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Class 2 Trip to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery - posted 7th Mar

On 6th March the children visited the National Portrait Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery to enhance their learning around this terms topic, Art On to The Doorstep. They saw lot of paintings they have been learning about and reproducing including The Sunflower by Vincent Van Gogh. They even tried recreating their own versions of the paintings! The children all had an enjoyable and interesting day and they were a credit to the school. 

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Class 1 Trip to Rugby Museum - Peter Rabbit Exhibition - posted 7th Mar

On 6th March 2019 Class 1 visited the wonderful Peter Rabbit Exhibition at Rugby Museum. They had a fantastic time decorating plant pots, vegetable printing and making a collage showing how vegetable grow above and below ground.They also created a new Beatrix Potter character and developed a story plan to chart the new character's adventures. 

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Trip to Holdenby Education Centre - posted 9th Oct

On 2nd October 2018 the children in Class 1 went to Holdenby Education Centre as part of 'The Big Build' topic. They investigated animal homes and habitats by exploring the Habitat Trial. The children then went into the woods and studied a vole that had been captured the night before, and also built homes for different creatures including squirrels and hedgehogs paying attention to the different types of materials used. Everyone then took part in an experiment to explores ways of keeping warm using a jar of warm water and materials that could be found in the woods. 

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Longtown Residential Trip - Class 3 - posted 27th Jun

The children in Class 3 have just returned from a wonderful week in Longtown. They enjoyed gorge-walking, caving, rock climbing, the highs ropes and much much more, To top it all the weather was fantastic. A trip than none of the children will ever forget. 

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Residential Trip to Grendon Hall - posted 21st Jun

On 18th/19th July the children in Class 2 had a wonderful couple of days at Grendon Hall. They did lots of activities including the Nightline (a Blindfolded Obstacle Course), the Swamp Challenge, the High Ropes Challenge and the Egg Drop Challenge. The children were fantastic and faced each challenge with courage and enthusiasm. To top it all the weather was lovely.  

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Sea Life Centre - CLass 2 - posted 23rd May

On Monday, as part of their Seas and Oceans topic, the children in Class 2 visited the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. They saw many of the sea creatures they have been studying including sharks, jelly fish and sea horses. They also looked at their habitats and watched some of the fish being fed.

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Kelmarsh Hall Visit - Class 1 - posted 9th May

On 8th May 2018 Class 1 visited Kelmarsh Hall. They visited the house, classroom and gardens and participated in a number of activities including crafts, cooking in the servant's quarters and experienced life in the Victorian period. The children had a fantastic day and learnt a lot about life in Victorian times. To top it all the weather was gorgeous.

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Meet the Mummies Exhibition - New Walk - Year 5 - posted 3rd May

On 3rd May the children in Year 5 visited the 'Meet the Mummies' Exhibition at the New Walk Museum. They learnt about the everyday lives of the rich and poor in Ancient Egypt., the Nile, the Climate and the Landscape. They met the resident mummies and learnt about the process of mummification and the beliefs of the Egyptians about the afterlife. The children even had the opportunity to handle a variety of 3000 year old everyday and religious artefacts from Ancient Egypt..

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