Sporting Events

Throughout the school year the children from The Bramptons take part in lot of sporting events against other small school in the County.

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Year 3/4 Quicksticks Hockey Competition - posted 8th May

On 1st May 2019 10 children from Years 3 & 4 took part in a Quicksticks Hockey Competition at Moulton School. They competed against other schools on the Daventry South Cluster. They played with determination and as a result they played really well with one team finishing 5th and the other finishing 8th. Well done to them all!

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Year 1 & 2 Athletics - posted 26th Mar

On 22nd March seven children from Years 1 & 2 took part in an Athletics Event at Benham Sports Centre. They participated in a variety of activities and including Arrows (indoor javelin). They learnt lots of new skills and thoroughly enjoyed their morning of sport.

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Years 3 & 4 Gymnastics - posted 19th Mar

On 18th March 2019 four girls for Class 2 took part in a gymnastics competition at Daventry Phoenix Gym Club. They practiced their routine before the competition and worked hard to ensure that they had learnt it and could execute it well. They did an amazing job and we are all very proud of them.

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Year 5 & 6 Gymnastics - posted 12th Mar

On 11th March 2019 four girls from Years 5 & 6 entered the School Games Gymnastics Competition at Daventry Phoenix Gym Club. They practiced their routines before they went and, despite being up against much larger schools, they performed well and did the school and themselves proud. Well done to them all.

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KS1 Unihoc - posted 6th Mar

On 1st March 2019 a group of children from Class 1 went to take part in a Unihoc competition at Benham Sports Centre. Unihoc players use plastic hockey sticks and a small plastic puck or ball. It also takes place on a smaller pitch or court.

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KS1 Superhero Festival - posted 26th Feb

On 14th February 2019 fifteen children from Class 1 took part in a Multi-Skills Superhero Festival at Moulton School. They took part in a variety of activities including Curling, Basketball, Hurdles, Relay Races and throwing events. The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and loved dressing as superheroes.

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Years 4 & 5 Arrows - posted 8th Feb

On 7th February 2019 two teams of children from Years 4 & 5 took part in a Schools Games Arrows Event at Kings Park Tennis Club. After practising their archery skills the teams took part in a competition against other schools. Both teams did amazingly well with one of them finishing in second place. Well done to all the children that participated, they did The Bramptons proud.

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