Parent Survey February 2020

In February 2020 the school undertook a survey of all parents seeking their views about the school. 

The results of the survey are very positive with 100% of the parents agreeing, or strongly agreeing, with the following :-

My child is safe at School.

My child is taught well.

My child is well cared for at School.

The school is well led and managed. 

The School is a pleasant and welcoming place to visit.

I fully support the School Values and feel that they help my child.

There were a number of areas where a vast majority of Parents Agreed or Strongly Agreed with the statement but there were some Parents who responded ‘Don’t Know’. This was, in the main, because their child had not been at the school long enough to be able to respond, or they have not had cause to engage with the school as described in the statement. No Parents Disagreed or Strongly Disagreed with the statements. The areas where this was the case were:

  • My child is making good progress at school.
  • The Staff are approachable and I feel able to raise any concerns I have.
  • The School deals well with any concerns I raise.
  • The children are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • The School provides my child with the opportunity to participate in sporting activities.

We received 41 completed surveys and Parents were asked to respond to 21 statement, therefore the number of ratings received was 861. Of these, there were 18 instances where Parents Disagreed with the statements, 8 of which related to awareness of the Governors, and 2 instances where Parents Strongly Disagree with the statement, these both also related to the awareness of Governors. Setting the issue of the Governors aside which the school will address in due course, there were 10 Disagree responses, all of which related to specific issues which the Head Teacher has addressed with Parents.

 Please see the full results at the bottom of the page..

Please see below some of the comments the parents have made about our school.

'The school shows compassion to its pupils and I strongly believe that they care for each and every child's needs and support parents too. I am proud that my children are part of The Bramptons Family.'

'My children are happy and therefore, so am I."

'School is a happy, secure and safe place for my children'.

'The school encourages children to be themselves and embraces their strengths and individuality.'

 'Teaching at The Bramptons is of the highest quality and the decision to move my child here was the best thing I did.'

 'An incredible School, thank you to everyone.' 

'The school is truly inclusive and allows children to be individuals. You get the feeling that it's all about the children.'

 'Approachable Staff to talk to and I feel valued as a Parent. Teaching Staff are caring and supportive to Parents and Pupils. My children are making progress and always enjoy going to school.. The Values encourage children to be more proactive at home and school, Truly a family-like atmosphere at all times.'