Parent Survey February 2017

In February 2017 the school undertook a survey of all parents seeking their views about the school. There were 91 Questionnaires sent out and 42 of them were returned (46%).

The results of the survey are very positive with 100% of the parents that responded agreeing, or strongly agreeing, with the following :-

My child is happy at School.

My child is safe at School.

My child is taught well.

My child is well card for at School

My child is making good progress at School.

The school is well led and managed.

Children at The Bramptons are well behaved.

The school understands and responds to my child's needs.

I would recommend the school to another parent.

 Please see the full results at the bottom of the page..

Please see below some of the comments the parents have made about our school.

"The School is excellent at making the children and parents feel part of something special. The ethos and values are integrated as part of the children's daily school life. The Teachers are outstanding in their efforts to meet children's needs and I cannot speak highly enough of the difference this school has made to my two children."


"The School is a safety conscious and caring school with that family feel."


"The Staff are so friendly and the school has a lovely family feel - there are no improvements I can think of."


"Moving my daughter to The Bramptons was the best decision I made, the style of the teaching and lessons are excellent."


"Everything in my eyes is fantastic!"


"The School Values are at front of mind for children and Staff".


"The Teachers are approachable and interested in my views."


"Overall the culture and approach of the school is excellent and I'm really happy".


"When I have had an issue it has been dealt with quickly and professionally."


"The school is supportive of the children's individual needs."


"The Teachers are dedicated , work well as a team and go the extra mile to deliver quality teaching."


"Pupil behaviour is good . Discipline is evident, without being overly authoritarian and staff  and pupils are mutually respectful."


 "The Bramptons Primary School provides an excellent environment for learning. It is one big happy family where children from all year groups interact together. Since his appointment Mr Gillett has already taken the school forward and thoroughly deserves the success that it has bought."


"My children have never been happier or felt more secure at school. They speak positively about their learning and have very good relationships with the adults at school. "


"The school has been amazing with my child . Since Mr Gillett joined she now wants to come to school.!"


 "I think the school and it's Teachers are amazing!"


"I like the amount of homework given and variety of activities they can do which is good because as a family you have different amounts of time available."


"The Head leads the school well. Very approachable and well respected."