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Classes 2 includes children in Years 3 and 4. The Teacher in Class 2 is Mrs Cookson.




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Building Electrical Circuits - posted 12th Jan

Today the children in Class 2 have been studying electrical circuits.  They have been lighting bulbs using batteries and wires to create a circuit, they then drew a labelled diagram showing the different components making up the circuit. The next step was to investigate what happens to the brightness of the bulb when more wire or more batteries are added. 

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Properties of Magnets - posted 29th Sep

Today the children in Class 2 have been experimenting with magnets. to see how strong they are.  They have been predicting their strength and have tested this by seeing how many paper clips each strength of magnet can lift. They have then been sharing their findings to determine the strength of each magnet. 

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Crime & Punishment - posted 3rd Feb

This term's topic for Class 2 is Crime and Punishment. This week they have had visits from a Magistrate and a Judge who explained the role they play in the judicial system. They also were visited by a Police Officer who talked about his role in the Police and how they dealt with crime and disorder.

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