Victorian Day at Holdenby House

On 27th January 2020 Class 1 visited Holdenby House and experienced what it was really like to work as a servant in a Victorian Household. The children had a tour of the house and were allocated their roles which included Footman, Kitchen Maid, Hall Boy, Laundry Maid, Groom and Chamber Maid. The boys then started their duties that included boot polishing, saddle and bridle cleaning. polishing cutlery and helping with food preparation. The girls completed their kitchen and laundry duties which included bread and salt dough making, dusting, washing, ironing and food preparation. 

After their duties were completed they went upstairs to the bedroom and were shown how the beds must be made and other tasks such as sorting her ladyships jewellery. 

Finally the children went to the Ballroom where they met her ladyship and entertained her with songs and nursery rhymes. 

The children has an amazing day and they thoroughly enjoyed their experience of life in a Victorian household.