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Welcome to Class One!

Class 1 includes children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. In Class 1 there are two Teachers; Mrs Tanser and Mrs Eyton-Jones.

Although Reception is included in Class 1 they are taught separately a vast majority of the time. Reception and Years 1 & 2 have their individual well resourced classrooms that provide rich learning environments. Reception also have a large outdoor area.

The outdoor area includes a mud kitchen, large sandpit, investigation area with bark and mini-beasts, gardening space, a tool bench with tools and water play. We always provide ample opportunity outside for children to develop their literacy, physical and mathematical skills. 


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Jack and The Beanstalk - posted 7th May

This term Reception's topic is Jack and the Beanstalk. This is the theme across their learning activities. They have been writing story maps, walking like giants, building castles and beanstalks, stringing harps and making huge Giant feet.

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Reception On The Farm - posted 11th Mar

In preparation for their trip to Mini Meadows Reception have been learning all about life on the farm. Today they milked the cows and sold the milk in the Farm Shop they have set up. As well as selling milk the shop sells flowers and vegetables.

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Freeing the Dinosaurs - posted 27th Feb

Today the children in Reception had a mission, to free the dinosaurs! The dinosaurs were frozen in ice and the children were asked to predict how they thought they could be released from the ice. They came up with some great suggestions which they tried. These included 'bashing' them, pouring warm water on them, adding salt to the ice and submerging the ice trapped dinosaurs in warm water. A combination of all these suggestion ensured that the dinosaurs could be set free. 

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Celebrating Pancake Day - posted 25th Feb

Today the children have been celebrating Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes.! They wrote out the recipe and instructions and then mixed their batter. They then took turns to cook their pancakes and, with the help of Mrs Tanser, tossed them to make sure they were cooked on both sides. The children then really enjoyed eating them.

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Victorian Day at Holdenby House - posted 29th Jan

On 27th January 2020 Class 1 visited Holdenby House and experienced what it was really like to work as a servant in a Victorian Household. The children had a tour of the house and were allocated their roles which included Footman, Kitchen Maid, Hall Boy, Laundry Maid, Groom and Chamber Maid. The boys then started their duties that included boot polishing, saddle and bridle cleaning. polishing cutlery and helping with food preparation. The girls completed their kitchen and laundry duties which included bread and salt dough making, dusting, washing, ironing and food preparation. 

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Chinese New Year Celebrations - posted 27th Jan

The children in Class 1 have been celebrating Chinese New Year. They have taken part in a variety of activities including making dragon masks, paper lanterns and money envelopes. They also had a great time making models of dragons from lego and writing their names using Chinese writing. All of these set again a background of exploring the Chinese culture including their traditions and beliefs. 

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