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Class 3 includes children in Years 5 and 6. The Class 3 Teacher is Mrs Fenn.

Being in Class 3 brings extra responsibility and the children lead by example providing excellent role models for the younger children in the school. 

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Parts of the Body - posted 5th Jan

In Science today the children in Class 3 have had fun learning about parts of the body. They drew around each other to create body shaped templates and then drew in where they thought the organs were located. They then presented the diagrams they had created to the rest of the class.

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Natural Disasters - posted 19th Jul

As part of their topic 'Natural Disasters' the children in Class 3 have built flood proof houses using a variety of designs. We thoroughly tested them to see which one's were most resilient. 

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Volcanoes - posted 15th Jul

The children in Class 3 have made volcanoes in relation to their 'Natural Disasters' topic. They then enjoyed making them erupt using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. 

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Ancient Egyptians - Fish Mummification - posted 30th Mar

The children in Class 3 are learning about the lives, beliefs, traditions and practices of the ancient Egyptians.  To enhance their learning the children mummified fish. They emptied the body cavity of its organs and packed the fish with salt.  They then wrapped the dish in bandages. The final stage of the process will be to bury the fish in the ground.

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