Before and After School Care

To assist parents The Bramptons Primary School offers before and after school “wrap around” care.

School starts at 8.50am and before school care is available from 7.50am. The cost is £2.00 per child per session, this is a set cost and is the same whether the child arrives at 7.50am or 8.30am. There is no need for parents to book a place in advance, they just turn up in the morning and pay the £2.00 per child. The children that attend are given a snack but it is not intended that it will replace their usual breakfast.

School finishes at 3.15pm and after school care is available until 5.30pm. The cost is £5.00 per child per session which is a set cost whatever time the child is picked up from school. A parent can book and pay for their child/children to receive after school care at the beginning of the school day. In exceptional circumstances parents can ring the school office during the school day to book their child a place. In these circumstances the £5.00 per child must be paid when they are picked up. The children are given a snack but it is not intended that this will replace their afternoon/evening meal.

Both before and after school care are provided by school staff to keep the cost to parents as low as possible.

We aim to assist parents as much as possible to enable them to meet their work commitments knowing their children are being looked after in a familiar, responsible and caring school environment.